Friday, 20 January 2012

Labour's Secret Plans to build 6000 houses in Morley

Both the Morley Ob and the YEP ran articles about the secret briefing Labour Leaders on Leeds City Council received on proposal for 6,000 houses along the corridor of Dewsbury Road in Morley. Those sites on the hit list include Laneside Farm in Churwell, Topcliffe Farm and Tingley Station (the greenfield site at the top of Dewsbury Road adjacent to Tingley Roundabout).

Such secrecy has no place in a democracy and the fact that MBI Councillors were excluded from such a briefing shows how desperate the Labour Party is to try and keep these plans quiet.

The arguments about such excessive development are well know. Local roads - especially Churwell Hill and Dewsbury Road - are already overwhelmed with traffic, our three high schools are full (as are most of our primaries!) local health centres cannot cope with this number of new patients and local infrastructure is already creaking under the strain. These greenspaces improve residents quality of life and they prevent urban sprawl.

The responsibility for this Housing Horror lies with the Labour Party's whose local Representatives Ed Balls and Cllr Neil Dawson back the previous Labour Governments Housing Targets of 33,000 new houses across the area over the next decade. Their view is a Developers Charter which hands over large greenfield and greenbelt sites across Morley for Developers to do as they wish.

The housing proposed will be neither affordable nor accommodate residents on Morley's present housing waiting list. The properties likely on such large estates will be large executive style housing for the wealthy while local families waiting for a decent and affordable homes to rent will be offered nothing. Present brownfield sites in Morley on Bridge Street and above Chartist Way could be developed for family housing but will remain as problem sites while Developers gallop along to Morley Greenfield sites and concrete them over!

But a further leak suggest even worse news! A secret proposal which would impose 7,100 new homes is presently being prepared for discussion later this month. Talk about a Labour Party out of touch!

What can you do to help? You can join our campaign by writing can to us at the MBI Office at Morley Town Hall, Queen Street, Morley giving your views or e mail us at You can text your support for our campaign by texting "support" to 07813322737 and we will make sure your objection is lodged with Leeds City Council.

Together we can defeat these Labour Proposals. Residents will remember we took on the Labour controlled Leeds City Council in 2002 when they wanted to develop greenfield sites across Morley. We defeated them then and kept our greenfield sites Green for a decade. Don't let them get away with it this time. Support our campaign to keep Morley green for the next decade!


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  3. Who carwe about the fields lets stop all the fuss and start building houses, the area is well supported by local businesses and it would be a welcomed fact that places such as topcliffe and surrounding areas to develop comercial building would help support the development of new housing. instead of having over crowded houses unfit for family dwelling. I say build a great city not live in the past because ity effects a few stuff in the dark age....