Monday, 22 May 2017

Topcliffe Lane meeting

Over 30 residents turned up at a meeting at Morley Town Hall last Saturday morning to discuss their concerns about parking problems they are having on Topcliffe Lane in Morley.

The meeting, called by Cllrs Judith Elliott and Shirley Varley, follows a review of the traffic management in the area and concerns raised by residents.

Cllr Judith Elliott said “We were grateful for such good turnout on a Saturday morning. It was a positive meeting and residents raised a lot of good ideas which we will be putting to the Highways Department for consideration.”

Residents told Councillors about the problems with parking close to their homes, the challenges both bus services and emergency vehicles had with getting down Topcliffe Lane because of congestion and issues of lorry drivers sleeping in their cabs outside their homes.

Cllr Varley said “We recognise the problems residents face and the Highways Section is exploring what practical options exist to allow better enforcement on Topcliffe Lane to keep traffic free flowing and to reduce the significant challenges residents have parking in the area.”

Proposals from the meeting including the introduction and extension of yellow lining down the lane along with the relocation of a bus and a loading bay and a residents only parking permit scheme.

Cllr Elliott said “We will be meeting Highways Officers shortly to discuss residents proposals and we have promised to meet residents at a further meeting. We will continue to work hard to find long lasting solutions to the problems residents are having on Topcliffe Lane.”

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